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*Please read before Submission*

Hello and welcome to the Commissions page!  If you are interested in hiring me to bring a character or an idea to life this is the first step!  Listed below will be a set of guidelines that I'll be using for now in order to help you (as the client) understand my limits as the Artist for the Commissions offered here.

I know the first thing that comes to mind is price.  How much do I charge and how do I accept payment?  Pricing for now will be broken up into a few groups and selections based on what I can offer and what you as the client would like.  There will of course be exceptions, but the goal is to keep it as simple as possible for both of us.  That being said listed below are the size and color options.

Size 1: 3/4 View of Single Character or Figure (No Color) $200-250 (Depending on complexity)

Size 2: 3/4 View of Single Character or Figure (Full Color) $300-$450 (Depending on complexity)

Other:  This option is reserved only if you have a larger project in mind.  Please list in detail what you are interested in.  Keep in mind the prices in this area may vary greatly and there is no guarantee that I will be available to take on the project.

Payment and Delivery
Payment is accepted via Paypal Invoicing.  If the Commission is accepted and after pricing is agreed on, payment will be invoiced in two parts.  50% at start and 50% upon final approval.  Once the final payment is complete the commission will be sent via google drive link for download.

The Commission Process (What to expect)
During the Commission process you will receive an initial email from me ( to determine exact pricing based on the scope of your Commission.  I will send an initial rough sketch for approval based on the ideas discussed for the Commission.  After this approval any changes to the design should be minimal.  If anything additional is to be added that was not previously discussed, I reserve the right to decline or proceed and add any additional agreed upon costs based on the changes requested.

Rights and Usage
All Commissions are created for personal use.  This means you can do anything you want with your Commission as long as it does not involve monetary gain based on the sale of the design.  Commercial use is prohibited as I retain all rights to the created work.  If Commercial use is desired, the rights to do so can be purchased once those terms are discussed.  If work is to be used for Social Media purposes or videos such as Youtube, proper credit should be given to me as the Artist.

Cancellation of Commission/Refund Policy
Commissions cancelled after the first payment has been made will be subject to only a 50% refund of that initial payment.  I reserve the right to cancel any Commissions at any time however if this happens you will receive a full refund.

To submit a Commission please fill out the Submission form linked below:

Commission Form